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Outbuilding Office & Patio

During Construction 

proctors-concrete-forms.jpg  proctors-office-and-patio-framing.jpg  proctors-roof-on.jpg 

Freestanding Office with Patio


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Extensive Multi-level Dec

allen-decks.jpg allen-trex-decks-2.jpg allen-trex-decks-3.jpg


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Kitchen and Laundry Room Remodel


pogues-kitchen-before-2.jpg  pogues-kitchen-before-4.jpg pogues-laundryromm-before.jpg


pogues-kitchen-2.jpg pogues-kitchen.jpg pogues-laundryroom.jpg

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Media Room

robinsons-media-room-2.jpg robinsons-media-room-3.jpg robinsons-media-room.jpg

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Front Entry Deck

Front Door Before  & During Construction

murphys-trex-deck.jpg  murpheys-trex-deck2.jpg

Porch/Deck After

 murphy-deck-5.jpg  murpheys-trex-deck-3.jpg

murpheys-trex-deck.jpg murpheys.jpg murpheys-deck.jpg

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Veranda-style Deck

Veranda-style Deck

maskell-trex-decks.jpg mcmurtrey-deck-003.jpg mcmurtrey-deck-008.jpg

mcmurtrey-deck-035.jpg mcmurtrey-deck-036.jpg mcmurtrey-deck-037.jpg

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Freestanding Garage

allen-garage.jpg  allen-garage-2.jpg 

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allen-downstairs-builtins.jpg allen-downstairs-kitchen.jpg

allens-downstairs.jpg  allen-wall-unit.jpg

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Sunnybrook Bathroom

Before Pictures

sunnybrook-before-2.jpg sunnybrook-before-7.jpg sunnybrook-before.jpg

sunnybrook-before-3.jpg  sunnybrook-before-4.jpg  sunnybrook-before-5.jpg

After Pictures

Sunnybrook Bath Remodel 5  Sunnybrook Bath Remodel 2 

Sunnybrook Bathroom Remodel 3  Sunnybrook Bathroom Remodel 1  Sunnybrook bathroom 4

“After” pictures courtesy Romilee Chain, Folsom Real Estate Advisor.

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Poolside Deck

watsons-ipe-deck.jpg  watsons-ipe-deck-2.jpg  watsons-ipe-deck-3.jpg

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