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The HSG Process

Heritage Service Group is staffed with skilled professionals that are capable of evaluations, estimating, supervising, and constructing any type of building project. At HSG, we are dedicated to listening to your needs and wants, ideas, dreams and visions while working closely with you throughout the course or your project. We pride ourselves on communication which is why we have created our 10-step process that guarantees the results you desire and deserve.

  1. Initial consultation: Meet with us to discuss your wants, needs and vision so we can incorporate them into a budget for your project.
  2. Preliminary Design: After a home inspection, we will sit down and make sure we cover all of the bases to do an accurate design proposal.
  3. Finalize design concepts: Together we will fine-tune the design details for your approval.
  4. Construction specifications: Upon approval of the design concept, a detailed set of specifications are developed.
  5. Construction Cost Analysis: A cost is applied to the final specifications.
  6. Permit Application: HSG will develop architectural drawings, along with detailed designs in order to obtain the necessary permits.
  7. Pre-construction Conference: Final review of the approved plans, specifications and selections. At this meeting, our project manager will be brought up to speed on your entire project. This meeting ensures that all parties involved are expecting the exact same scope of work.
  8. Construction Begins: Demolition or, as we like to call it, D-Day. Your project manager is available daily to discuss construction scheduling and the process for your project.
  9. Obtain necessary completion certificates
  10. Project completed!



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